Latest FDA EUA Approval of New Vaccine Impacts Grounds for Religious Exemptions

On July 13, 2022, the FDA granted emergency use authorization to a new Covid-19 vaccine called Novavax.

This new vaccine injects some of the spike protein from the original strain of Covid-19 into the recipient - studies (Research Square and Frontiers in Immunology) have found that the spike protein from both the virus and the Covid-19 vaccines cause ongoing immune system inflammation and debilitating symptoms.

Novavax has 2 doses and while it seems to have milder side effects, it shares many of the same health risks as the other vaccines (including myocarditis). The possible impact on fertility and other long-term side effects are impossible to know, as it is an experimental vaccine and the vaccine companies have ZERO liability for deaths and side effects that arise from its use.

Despite claims to the contrary, the Novavax vaccine DID USE aborted fetal cells from the HEK-293F line during the testing phase, which is documented in their studies and a letter that provided confirmation. Details can be found on the Liberty Counsel website. 

If you wish to obtain a religious exemption from the Novavax vaccine, in addition to the others, the letters currently generated on this site must be edited to add references and additional objections to reflect the EUA approval of the Novavax vaccine with links to the documents proving the use of fetal cells (if that is your desired reasoning for objecting to it).

We will update our exemption letter generator as soon as possible. 

Religious Exemption Covid-19 Vaccine Letter Generator

Do you need a religious exemption Covid-19 vaccine letter to give to your employer, school, or another institution that mandates the vaccines? This letter generator is a free and private tool that you can use to automatically generate a letter for you. Once you generate the letter, you can copy and paste it into a word processor, edit it, print it, and sign it, even get it notarized.

Every citizen with sincerely-held beliefs has a legal right to claim a religious exemption. However, the letter generated is not guaranteed to help get your exemption request accepted by your employer or any other institution. Please see disclaimers at bottom of page.  

Please note: Currently, this form generates a letter that uses scripture references to the Bible, including the New Testament to support religious claims. Please see the other resources listed on this site to help strengthen your case, especially Gab, which has a lot of great resources.


If you have a pastor, priest, or other spiritual leader you know that would be willing to sign a letter affirming your need for a religious exemption, use our Spiritual Leader Affirmation Letter generator

Christian Exemption Form

What To Do...

If your employer or school asks questions or requires you to fill out a form, it may be designed to try to cause you to affirm something that you disagree with. In such a case, the Liberty Counsel recommends responding with the following statement before your signature if it is in print, or stating it verbally:

“I understand the above is your position. I am signing this document without waiver of my legal right to seek religious exemption and accommodation from any requirement that conflicts with my sincerely held religious beliefs, and without waiver of the right to seek legal redress from any wrongful denial of such exemption or accommodation."

If your employer or school denies your request, you may file a complaint with the EEOC and seek legal counsel. You can learn about those next steps by going here.

Anyone seeking to get a religious exemption should use an attorney. We are not attorneys and do not pretend to be giving legal advice for any situation.

It is better to have an attorney submit a demand letter and handle the demand letter process if possible. 

If your exemption request is denied, an employment lawyer may be able to help you to protect your freedoms (see America's Frontline Doctors for details), but it is better to enlist their help from the start, rather than after being denied.

There is no way us or any attorney can guarantee you will receive the exemption. This is a developing situation. Currently, there is no case law that directly relates to Covid-19 exemptions. In the coming months, precedents will likely be set as cases are brought to the courts and administrative agencies.

We recommend reviewing the information on the America's Frontline Doctors website about religious exemptions.

If you are fired or are looking for work that doesn't require the Covid-19 vaccination, consider starting your own business or working as an independent contactor. There are a lot of great legitimate opportunities to generate money online and work from home.

Here's some ideas for potential self-employment opportunities (links will take you offsite with more information):

You can also check out the No Vax Mandate Job Board on Gab for job opportunities.

About Aborted Fetal Cell Based Objections

Religious exemptions are not required to be based on the use of aborted fetal cells - it is based on your personal and sincere belief. You can read more about religious exemptions here.

You decide what is right for you and your family, but please do your research and make an informed decision while taking the matter to God in fervent prayer, asking for discernment and to guide your decision.